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2020-05-02 BVAU page updated with images and zip file. Seth Reeder
2020-04-29 CONTACT page vertical Samsung style remote control added. Seth Reeder
2020-04-25 ART pages updated, VAULT and GALLERY 2 added. WIRE gallery added more images and Cat Nos [Cat N°: 0000-0000] in all JBGs added.
Seth Reeder
2020-02-14 Data pages menu now use an improved <!--#include Seth Reeder
2020-02-14 EU Cookie regulations text added at top of index.htm. /data/bind.htm added to avoid repetion of cookie text on same visit returns. Seth Reeder
2020-02-14 All links checked, internal and external and amendmenst made. Seth Reeder
2020-02-13 All gallery's menu and footers aligned with data pages standard. Seth Reeder
2020-02-11 General 'housekeeping', common footer, header andmeta tags '#include file...' added. Images sub-directories tidied. Seth Reeder

Help box added to Juicebox pages and Site Map added. Seth Reeder
2020-02-04 All galleries changed back to 'Juicebox' from 'svBuilder'. Seth Reeder
2020-02-02 Contacts page remote control added, Wire gallery started, Shop 'greyed out. Seth Reeder
2019-12-19 Footer 'include' added for pages except HOME page Seth Reeder
2019-04-29 Mobile phone number changed Seth Reeder
2017-08-15 Google Analytics added to Admin page Seth Reeder
2016-10-25 Exhibition sub-menus remmed out Seth Reeder
2016-10-24 Circular menu added to Links page and a map page added 'bmap.htm'. Seth Reeder
2016-10-05 Throughout the last few months a significant amoun of menu updates have been done. Change to circular icon based memns on the HOME, ART and SHOP pages. Seth Reeder
2016-01-12 A tidying up of the desktop pages:
° Titles added to facebook and twitter icons,
° svBuilder and menu .js and .css simpified into /data directory.
° Admin page tidied (this page).
° Added 'marquee' to gallery pages (svBuilder).
° Embedded Facebook and Twitter feeds on links page
Seth Reeder

Home button replaced by Jonathan Meria button.
Menus added to svBuilder gallery pages.

Seth Reeder
2016-01-06 Jonathan's photoshopped home page image in place. Seth Reeder
2016-01-04 All galleries moved from JuiceBuilder to svBuilder (Simpleviewer). Seth Reeder
2016-01-03 Home page image text and background removed, active link to index.htm added to Jona's name on all pages. About page dates and copyright updated. Seth Reeder
2015-09-13 Sand gallery rearranged, start and end images removed, slides numbered. Miiscellaneous links updated. About page updated. Seth Reeder
2014-12-07 Installation gallery rearranged. Seth Reeder
2014-12-05 'Fungus' publication added to bpub.htm. Seth Reeder
2014-12-03 BNC ICA Castle added to Sand gallery. Front image changed to ICA Castle. About page removed from menus but (i) image added to home page. Seth Reeder
2014-11-30 Sand gallery rearranged. Copyright text from footers removed. Seth Reeder
2014-11-28 Copyright on images, juicebox titles, icons on Bio page removed. cookie made less intrusive. Seth Reeder
2014-11-27 Cookie and EQA sub-menus and first (blaw) page combined. Seth Reeder
2014-11-26 Small text menus added at bottom for EQA. Seth Reeder
2014-11-25 Add EU Cookie Directive and UK EQA Act statements.
Cookie analysis page, link and report added.
Seth Reeder
2014-11-24 Site ready for use, gone live. Fiddle area removed. Seth Reeder
2014-09-22 Fiddle area and admin page added Seth Reeder
2014-09-21 Created Seth Reeder

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