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About this website

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    Please use your browser's options/settings to enlarge text, change colours etc as required. All images have an 'alt' tag.   See more on the EQA (formerly DDA).
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    Acknowledgement to others is given when known. There is no intent to defraud.
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    The WebMaster has tried to ensure that this website contains no information or language that may cause offence, infringe copyright, or in any other way constitute a breach of the rights of others.
    However, if you notice anything that causes you concern, please contact the owner or the webmaster (see foot of page).
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    This site does not set or read cookies, but they may be used by third parties and links from this site may use them. See cookie compliance page.
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    All images and concepts by the owner are copyright, Jonathan Meira © 2014 — 2020.
  • Design and style
    The design concept is: accuracy, brevity and clarity.
  • Disclaimer
    We bear no responsibility for the content of other sites that you may link to from here.
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    This shows the general structure of this website Signpost.
  • Owner: Jonathan Meira BA (Hons) Fine Arts
  • Created: 21st Sep 2014 — Last update: Saturday, May 2, 2020 Links last checked: 14th Feb 2020.
  • Software deployed: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 6.1, yes a very old version, DreamWeaver logo (now Adobe), Macromedia Fireworks 6.1, ACDSee Pro 7.1 logo ACDSee,
    Button Generator (no longer in business), Juicebox logo Juicebox,
    Elevator Zoom logo Elevator Zoom, attacat cookie audit tool logo attacat,
    W3C validation logo W3C and of course some hand coding.
  • Browser verification: This site has been viewed by the WebMaster using the following browsers:
    Logos mixedLogos mixed 2as well as an iPhone 4 and a Samsung Tab 2. The galleries do not perform well with Opera Mini on an Android Tablet. It works on a Raspberry Pi. No tests on an Apple Mac, Linux (except Raspberry Pi's Raspian) or other systems have been performed. Please let the WebMaster know if there are any issues.
  • WebMaster: Seth Reeder AMIEIE, Tech(CEI)   /0^0\
    email: (postmaster (AT) jonathanmeira (DOT) com) remove spaces and replace AT and DOT with respective characters before sending email.
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